Under shellfire — ‘Robbie’ tells his harrowing story

‘Robbie’ recalls being under shell fire in a horse drawn ambulance.

Robbie Burns

Arthur Barraclough — The story of the ‘sludgeman’

Arthur's friends in the trenches thought his adventure deserved a medal. Find out if he got one and what he had to do in the dead of night.

Arthur Barraclough by Keith Collman

Harry Patch — the story of the lost ticket

Harry and his friends, all convalescing from their wounds, decide to catch a train to Bath with an unexpected twist.

Harry Patch by Keith Collman

‘Smiler’ Marshall — losing his best friend

‘Smiler’ and his young friend Lenny are in the trenches at Loos when tragedy strikes.

Smiler Marshall by Keith Collman

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