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Dotting the ‘t’s and crossing the ‘i’s

Searching the text for errors and inconsistencies takes far longer than I expected. Providing an accurate commentary throughout the book is a very important element.

First World War veteran Arthur Clifford

Selecting the trimmings - there's more to book publishing than meets the eye

It's not just the text and photographs that need serious consideration. The trimmings and packaging are equally important. How the book looks and feels is part of the overall experience.

Final proofs arrive - a last check before the book goes to press

The 'bluelines' have arrived. Proofs of all the pages, containing text and the photographs in place. This must be throughly checked and corrected before the final phase, printing, takes place.

The first printers proofs arrive

An exciting moment, the first printers proofs have arrived. All 82 images have to be inspected for imperfections. Re-touched if required and then sent back to Italy.


The cameras - and still going strong

Over thirty years ago I purchased two 35mm Single lens reflex Pentax SPF Spotmatic Cameras. I attached a 28mm wide angle lens to one, the other was used with a 50 or 135mm lens.


The original material - where it started

On my first week-long trip with the veterans I took a note pad to record what they had to say.

My original notes, made on trips to the First World War battlefields

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